This represents a typical hack that we organise


Every year, we organise a hacking trip to the Brecon Beacons in Wales in March/April which is a great opportunity to relax in the stunning countryside before exams!

This year, we plan on organising additional hacking the the first Reading Week and throughout the rest of the academic year. 

Additional information will be provided as soon as possible. 


As a club, we participate and organise numerous social activities. We often go to the Weekly Sportnsite at Loop (Wednesday evenings) and organise meals for all members of the Club. We also go to Ascot Races at the beginning of the year and we will try to organise a trip to the Olympia Horse show this year.

We also traditionally attend the annual Sports Ball held by the Union. 

This is a picture showing an event organised by us
This shows a typical team lesson


If ever we have to cancel Wednesday lessons (which is very rare!), we try to hold theoretical lessons taught by team members to broaden club members' knowledge about horses in many different fields, from anatomy, to care, to the different equestrian disciplines.