This is a picture of a typical weekly lesson


Lessons are held each week on Wednesday afternoons at Lee Valley Riding Centre, a BHS approved riding school. You must be a member of the UCL Horse Riding Club in order to participate in any lessons (Social Membership £25 can be bought on the UCL Student's Union website). 

We have three different levels of riding lessons and we hold two of them every week. We will make links for tickets available to you as soon as they are online. 


Beginner: 3-4pm. These lessons are for people who have never ridden before, or only ridden very little. During these lessons you will be leading for 30min and riding for another 30min. You will learn to start, stop, turn, walk and trot.

This is an amazing opportunity to get comfortable with horses as you will get the chance to handle them by foot (essential in horsemanship!) as well as learn the basics of riding.

Beginner lessons come in either sets of 4 lessons per term at £60 or in occasional one-off lessons at £15 each.

!! Due to a limited number of allocated riding slots, we will have to alternate between the Novice and Intermediate lessons from one week to another. We will let you in advance via email and the horse riding club Facebook group which lesson will be taking place in the following two weeks. !!

Novice: 2-3pm. These are for riders capable of walking and trotting alone off the lead rein and who are ready to or learning to canter.

Intermediate: 2-3pm. This lesson is aimed at more experienced riders who are comfortable in canter and who are learning to or able to perform lateral movements and jump. We aim to organise 1 jumping lessons per term. You must be pre-approved by one of the Lee Valley instructors before participating in one of these.

Novice and Intermediate lessons are £25 per lesson.

Jumping lessons are £30 per lesson.

Dates will be confirmed by the beginning of the academic year.