The UCL Horse Riding Club has 2 competitive BUCS teams in the Championship and Trophy leagues.

Each team has 5 members (including 1 rotating reserve) and participates in 4 competitions per academic year (generally 2 per term). Competitions take place on Wednesdays over the full day. Team members are selected at team trials (see below).

Each competition is made up of two parts: in each case, team members ride horses they do not know drawn at random. After a short 5-10 minute warm up, they perform a dressage test which can include figures such as serpentines and canter loops, and secondly, they complete a show jumping course on different horse, again drawn at random. Heights can vary from 80cm (Trophy League) to 90cm-1m (Championship League). 

Additionally, team members take dressage and show jumping lessons at Lee Valley Riding Centre (Wednesday afternoons) and Trent Park Equestrian Centre (weekday evenings). A lesson timetable will be determined before the beginning of the academic year.


Team Membership is £150 per person per academic year and includes all competitions and lessons - there are no additional costs apart from your own transport to and from lessons. 

Being a part of a Horse Riding team does not demand a lot of devotion compared to other sports clubs, however we do ask that you commit fully if you do become part of a team. For example, we do require team members to help lead during the Give-It-A-Go sessions.

We are more than happy to announce our teams for the 2019/2020 academic year

1st Team 
Charlotte Chadwick
Lucca Hunt
Elsa Tuomi
Alice Moron
Reserve: Iona Cunningham-Eurich

2nd Team

Anastasia Dmitryuk

Aleksandra Guzik

Sofia Sancho

Carolina Borrelli

Reserve: Sara Ahmad



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